Headhunt Revisited

April 2012

Michele Westmorland first came to Walindi in 1991 to dive from both the resort and MV FeBrina. It started a connection that is as strong today as it was when she made her first dive on the amazing reefs of Kimbe Bay. Michele's project, Headhunt Revisited may not be about fish but it is about how art spans oceans and decades and reveals stories of culture and tradition.

Michele and her documentary film team chartered MV FeBrina for almost 2 months gathering 90 hours of footage and 10,000 images  Read about who and why she is inspired to complete documentary film on Nat Geo Newswatch.

Excerpt from Nat Geo Newswatch article - "In 1926, painter Caroline Mytinger and her friend, Margaret Warner, set out from San Francisco for a four-year adventure in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.  With little more than $400, a few art supplies and a trunk of clothing, they made their way through what was then known as the land of headhunters, with the goal of painting Melanesia's inhabitants. Their journey was nothing short of amazing and, at times, fraught with danger.

Upon the women's return to the United Stated in 1930, Caroline's paintings were exhibited in notable museums such as the American Museum of Natural History in New York.  After 1935, the painting were crated away, not to be seen until 2004, when they were discovered at UC Berkeley's Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology by photographer Michele Westmorland.

The discovery of the paintings inspired Michele to lead an expedition retracing Caroline's journey with aspirations to create a documentary about this remarkable story."

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